Plastic Free July Ideas

What a year it has been! I cannot believe it is almost July already. Between the hardships caused by the pandemic and the issues behind the global protests, it has been hard to remain hopeful and positive about the future of our planet. With my daughter turning one just last month, I have been reenergized to do my part in making this Earth a better place for her.

To do so, I have decided to participate in Plastic Free July 2020!

Plastic Free July is a movement that motivates individuals to be part of a solution to our global plastic pollution problem. According to the movement’s website, #PlasticFreeJuly has inspired over 250 million participants in 177 countries. Every participant makes a small change that leads to massive impacts! I would love for other’s to join me next month so I have put together a list of Plastic Free July Ideas to get you started.

Eating Out

  • Bring a reusable coffee cup or take the time to dine-in at your favorite café.
  • Refuse plastic straws when buying a drink & go without or bring a reusable alternative!
  • Choose to refuse plastic cutlery/takeaway containers.
  • Avoid packaged bread & baked goods.
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle instead of getting plastic ones.

Personal Hygiene

  • Swap liquid soap for bar soaps.
  • Find and try DIY beauty and personal care products.
  • Purchase a sustainable toothbrush with a replaceable head.
  • Choose to refuse disposable razors, plastic cartridge heads and shaving creams packed in plastic and switch to stainless steel razors that have replaceable blades.
  • Replace tampons with menstrual cups.

Grocery Shopping

  • Before you purchase, stop and think about the zero to low waste waste alternatives.
  • Say no to packaged fruits and vegetables and use repurposed netting fabric produce bags.
  • Bring your own reusable bags and put your veggies in them while you shop.
  • Buy from your local farmer’s market.
  • Shop at bulk foods store.
  • Choose to avoid long life cartons for milk, juice, etc.
  • Skip trash bags and use a ‘naked bin’ that you wash out as needed.
  • Visit your local butcher and bring your own reusable container.

Plastic Free with Friends

  • Join a Facebook Group for my plastic free life to make new friends.
  • Organize a clean-up in your local community with friends.
  • Host a movie night featuring plastic pollution documentaries.
  • Take the Pesky Plastics Quiz with your friends to find out what plastics you can replace!

These are just a few categories in which you can find alternatives to plastic but there are so much more! You can check out my other blog posts to find other zero-waste alternatives for things like diapers, aluminum foil & parchment paper, and even make-up.

The impact of going plastic free for even just one month is incredible! In 2019 alone, those who participated in Plastic Free July contributed to a reduction of 825 million kg of waste. By reducing your use of plastic, you become a part of something bigger than yourself and subsequently join a community of others who are bonded through a unified purpose of much needed change in our world.

So… who is with me?

4 thoughts on “Plastic Free July Ideas”

  1. Hi !!
    Thanks for the great ideas. I hope it was not so hard with your one-year-old daughter!
    I think this is one of the positive thinks about the pandemic. Since we work at home we use much less plastic and we also cooking home-made food.
    Good luck and continue making this Earth a better place!

    1. Absolutely! I hope that we can continue to come up with ways to be more aware of our use of single use plastic and how to reduce it.

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